Speech-Language & Occupational Therapy

Speech and Language Services

  • Speech/Language/Hearing Screenings

  • Speech & Language Comprehensive Evaluations

  • Speech & Language Therapy with Live Video Feed for Observation
    • Speech (Articulation: sound specific errors, Phonological Processes- a pattern of errors in the production of speech sounds, Apraxia of Speech)
    • Auditory Processing (difficulties in the comprehension of auditory information and execution of directions presented in a variety of settings)
    • Language Processing (difficulties in the processing of language information impacting receptive and expressive language abilities)
    • Word Retrieval (difficulties in the retrieval of specific vocabulary in a variety of settings)
    • Executive Functioning (difficulties in the regulation and control of cognitive processes required for reasoning, problem solving, flexible thinking, planning and organization for the implementation and execution of tasks)
    • Vocabulary (Identifying and naming specific vocabulary words)
    • Pragmatics (the use of language for a variety of social purposes)
    • Literacy Skills (Reading and Writing skills)
    • Study Skills (use of a student agenda, organizing and prioritizing assignments, time management) 
    • Test Preparation (entrance exams, SAT/ACT)
    • And More!
  • Consultation and Collaboration Services
  • Local, State, and National Workshops focusing on speech, language, and literacy

Occupational Therapy Services 

  • Occupational Therapy Screenings & Evaluations
  • ​Programs Integrated to Facilitate Skills:
    • Handwriting With Tears (Individualized Handwriting Program)
    • Keyboarding Without Tears (Individualized Typing Program)
    • Astronaut Training: A Sound Activated Vestibular-Visual Protocol
    • Yoga for improved strength, coordination, and relaxation
  • Occupational therapy services include evaluation and treatment of:
    •  Developmental skills
    • Fine motor control
    • Handwriting skills
    • Gross Motor skills
    • Motor Planning
    • Trunk and core strengthening
    • Body awareness
    • Sensory modulation (reaction to stimulus)
    • Visual-motor skills
    • Visual-perceptual skills
  • Achieving success in academics, handwriting, social interaction, self-care skills, self-modulation and coping skills, and promoting an overall organized, focused sense of self to achieve one's personal goals
  • Consultation & Collaboration Services 

Social Groups

​Our social groups meet twice monthly and are comprised of two

different age groups.  The first week the group meets within our

office setting to front load and practice the expectations that will

be used the following week as the group goes into the community

to increase generalization of these skills.

Giving Back

We pride ourselves on always Giving Back to our Community. Whether it is hosting a family movie night, sponsoring events throughout the community, or serving on various committees, we continue to support our clients, families, and the community. 


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